Best Family Residential Areas in Ajman UAE

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Best Family Residential Areas in Ajman

Ajman might be the littlest emirate in the United Arab Emirates, however, this is the best city which has tons of residential areas to offer to its people in the country. The best vibes, best schooling for children and adults, all around kept up parks and very family-friendly houses at a very reasonable price in local locations in Ajman have made the city progressively well known with both of people who are local or ex-pats. So you can live Very relaxed and freely in these places. These places give you a good standard of living with a lot of luxuries. Keep all in mind, that you will have the best schooling, best entertainment places like parks, the best medication institutes. If you are looking for the best living place or having a family friendly home at the best price then you are at the right place. Here are the best residential places to live. We should have to start now.

The top Best places which are family friendly you can live in Ajman.


Al Rawda has the best standard of living amongst others in the list for families in Ajman. Its nearness to the best instructive institutes like the Oxford School, University City in Sharjah and clinics or hospitals like the Ajman Medical Center makes the perfect combination of living with these amazing options for families moving to the emirate. The area also has additionally some of the amazing and decent determination of shopping and food choices over there.

So the Al Rawda is the best living place so it has luxurious things with the living style they give. Most apartments in Al Rawda have access to a wide range of civilities including exercise centers like gym, pools and many more. When you want to go for a studio on rent in Al Rawda then you should have to pay a yearly dues of AED 13k only . And when you are going for one bed apartment then you have to pay 19k AED normally. Though, the normal rents goes up to AED 25k and AED 42k for 2 and 3 room apartments in Al Rawda.  But if you are going to live in a villa or banglow there then you have to pay 83 to 85k AED. This is the best place you can live in ajman with a lot of luxuries.


Al Rashidiya is outstanding among the others living locations in Ajman. It has an extraordinarily tall building of apartments with a lot of luxuries. Found near Downtown Ajman, the area appreciates an advantageous location close to the Ajman-Sharjah border where a lot of programs take place. The most well-known educational institutes in the city like the University of Ajman and the City University College of Ajman are likewise situated in this region to get quality of education easily.

Likewise, if you are going to rent a studio in Al Rashidya, the normal expense for the year would be around AED 11k. If you are going for  1 room apartment in Al Rashidya then you will go for a normal rent of AED 21k, while for 2 and 3 rooms apartment then your rent will go up to AED 29k and AED 38K separately.

This is the best place to live with alone or with family with a lot of luxuries like best schooling, gyming , parks and many more with which everyone wants to live.


This Al Mowaihat local location in Ajman is the mainstream or best decision for the people for individuals who live in Ajman and work in Dubai.  Eventually, you need a better place to live near where you work. So, this is the best choice for these people. The zone’s nearness to E311-Sheik Mohammed canister Zayed Road diminishes the drive time among Ajman and Dubai to around 30 minutes. Families can in this way, rent a greater place to live with bigger family and still enjoy the advantages of living near to Dubai. If going to rent a biggest place with more bedrooms  or little apartment in Al Mowaihat likewise puts you near general stores, parks, play regions, cafés and shopping alternatives in the emirate. This makes this extraordinary compared to other local residential locations in Ajman for families. Schools in downtown of  Ajman are likewise effectively available from the Al Mowaihat.


There are a few elements that make Al Jurf a standout residential place amongst others in this list for families in Ajman. The Al Jurf people group appreciates a prime area near the mechanical region where industrial work is going on, with a metropolitan way of living life. The people community of this area nearness to the industrial region likewise makes it bit simpler for the individuals or people who are employed by organizations working in the territory.

The biggest villas with good space in it and all around well planned residential apartment in Al Jurf are accessible at the best costs. The pet friendly nature of Al Jurf is an additional in addition to live good. Regarding to the educational institutes , Funny Bunny Nursery, Kids Zone Education, Ajman Modern School, Al Ameer English School and Ajman University are genuinely close by. It is the best residential place to live better at very affordable price. In fact it’s the cheapest place to have best living style.


In our list, it is one of the best living places in Ajman. You can have the best living style or luxuries over here. Al Bustan is well known amongst family regions in Ajman because of its nearness to the great schools and higher instructive or educational school. Guardians can investigate rumored organizations, for example, The Bloomington Academy, National Charity School and Taiba Primary School for school-going youngsters. The Ajman University is likewise only 15 minutes away from this place.  In the form of entertainment, you can find it parks, eateries, films, and shopping centers are additionally found close by this place. Consequently,  people usually want to live more in Al Bustan because it is more luxurious to live in than others .