Where to invest my money in Dubai?

Do you want to invest in Dubai? So then you are at the right place. Here are some guidelines for you to get to know all the locations in the United Arab Emirates where is best to invest your money to buy a property. So here we go,

Is investing in Dubai and buying a property is good?

Dubai is a beautiful place when it comes to its beautiful structures of buildings and the most famous building of it is Burj khalifa which is a sort of attraction for everyone around the world. Dubai is the best place to do everything even if you can say it is real estate. But the question is buying a property good in Dubai? Is investing in buying a property in Dubai a good decision?

Of course yes it is a very good decision to buy a property or to invest money in buying a property in Dubai because it has a great project of making Residential houses schemes over there. So it’s the very Right decision to invest there. Many more projects upcoming in 2020. So you can have more investment opportunities for the people who can invest. And in the last few months, the market is favoring buyers so your decision to invest money to buy a property is good in Dubai.

So there is a list of many residential areas where you can invest money to buy a property in 2021 so it is better to know which area is right to choose to invest in Dubai and we are looking for the right place to invest. Let’s have a look at those places which have battery opportunities over there  

Most famous residential area to invest in Dubai 2021:-

Here is the list of popular radios to invest in buying a property in Dubai. Some of the areas are highly maintained And are out of budget but some of the areas have better opportunities to invest. All the places are mentioned with a price according to the market so you can choose according to your taste. 


This is the best area where you can invest money to buy a property for your profit. This is the best place in Dubai for investors. The palm’s locations are the best to do property investment. Most projects made on this location Because it is the most reliable place to invest. At this place, it is highly expected that To have peak luxury residences when the project is completed.

The Price for the sale of apartments in this area of Dubai Has stable for the 1.15 million AED. The two bedrooms apartment is for 2.68m AED. Other apartment areas have three bedrooms or Villas is having the price of 6.2 million A.D., four-bedroom apartment for 9.2 million AED, five-bedroom apartments for 16.2 million AED . This Residential area is very popular and makes ideal choices for the people who want to invest in buying properties in Dubai.


Dubai Marina is the second-best place for investment to buy a property in Dubai 2021. It has many more opportunities for people who want to invest money according to their budget. It is the mix of highly maintained apartments, villas with many more entertaining prices that will make an ideal choice to buy a property there.  The Bluewater island project is also appointed to the best long-term beauty which is best for the Dubai Master.

The asking price of an apartment in Dubai Marina is about 800 K AED, One bedroom flat is about 1.15 million AED While two bedrooms apartment price is about 1.9 million AED. The price for this area is a bit less and good for investing there.

Downtown Dubai:- ( Best investment in Dubai for 2021 )

Down down the bay is the third and the list of the best investment of areas in Dubai for 2021. This is the best the center of the Now In between the burj khalifa , the Dubai mall and Mohammed bin Rashid boulevard. The appeal to the area is the guarantee because the burj khalifa is the source of attraction and the most visited tourist place in the world.

 The prediction of the price of the apartment over there is about 920k AED. One bed apartment is for 1.450,000 AED, two bedrooms apartment is for2.7 million AED. This is the Higher place in Dubai. This is a residential area is that which have high standards amongst others stop. There are so attractions to the apartments over there.

Arabian Ranches :- ( Ideal Place to Invest in Dubai Property )

This is the best residential area is the next in the list of best investment places in Dubai. It is popular for the Villa community. it seems like most people increasing interest in buying a property in Dubai.

This is the best Secondary rate property market which ensures the interest of the people over there and also for the families who are looking to invest better in Dubai.

The uniquely styled families with the high standard Who want to live with more facilities is the best place for them to invest.  The average price for the apartment of 3 bedrooms is 2.6m AED, 4 bedrooms for 3.8 m AED and 5 bedrooms are for 4.5 m AED. This is the area for the people who are looking for the villas community in Dubai.

Jumeirah Village Circle :-

This area Jumeirah Village Circle JVC has the best appearance in the list of best investment areas in Dubai. It has the best competitive prices of the larger apartment amongst the other in the list. It has created much more interest for the investors to invest there. Many projects like bloom height and Belgravia are the favorites of the investors. These adding the incredibility to the area. The average price for the Apartment is about 485k AED , One bedroom apartment for 740k AED, And two rooms bedroom apartments are about asking prices 1.1 million AED .

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