Cheapest Places to Buy House in Dubai


Cost Friendly Places to buy in Dubai

The year 2022 was suitable to buy properties in Dubai. As per the youth’s property report, In the last year, property prices became very much reasonable in the state. The data that was released by the Dubai Land Department. The sales transactions of the city have also taken a High Road. This has shown good interest from the buyers. And the investors. For people who are looking for apartments had reasonable rates or townhouses or villas, they can take a look in the buy to buy a property.

Low Cost and Reasonable Areas in Dubai

The bayuts recent data has told that the production city is considered to be the most cost-effective area to actually buy an apartment in Dubai. Even townhouses are for sale and can be bought In Serena, n town square.

Many people have shown interest in villas in Dubai as it is a very nice option for people to get a nice lifestyle for themselves. They can buy a Villa in Serena and in Alverson Akoya oxygen.

Good affordable areas for buying apartments

Studios   AED 245,0001-Bed   AED 345,0002-Beds   AED 587,500
Studios   AED 290,0001-Bed   AED 465,0002-Beds   AED 675,000

Dubai International City is one of the most popular areas for buying an apartment in Dubai

International city is something buyers always choose when buying a property in Dubai. It is the affordable

  • Ranked 4th
  • Popular and infamous
  • Have good rental areas
  • It’s a project of nakheel group and has comfy studio apartments.
  • Cost will be AED 245k and when averaging, AED 345k

Dubai Production city:

This area has many schools, restaurants and mosques. Easy for everyone to live there. The studio in this is AED 290k. 1 bedroom is AED 465k, 2 bedroom is AED 675k

AFFORDABLE TOWNHOUSES in good locations of Dubai

2-Beds   AED 1,150,0003-Beds   AED 1,500,0004-Beds   AED 1,625,000
2-Beds   AED 1,390,8883-Beds   AED 1,350,0004-Beds   AED 1,612,944


This area has divisions naming casa dora, casa viva and bella casa.

  • They are the best purchase
  • Good lifestyle and comfy settlement

2 bedroom townhouse is for AED 1.1M and for 3 bedroom it is AED 1.5M. And 4 bedroom is for AED 1.6M.

Town square

It is a project of nshama group. It has many shops near it like grocery and even parks.

2 bedroom is for AED 1.3M, 3 bedroom is for AED 1.5M and for 4 bedroom it is for AED 1.6M

Comparison for top areas

Al Warsan3-Beds   AED 1,350,0004-Beds   –5-Beds   –
Akoya Oxygen3-Beds   AED 1,284,0004-Beds   AED 1,750,0005-Beds   AED 2,000,000
Serena3-Beds   AED 1,521,5004-Beds   AED 1,500,0005-Beds   –


  • It has communities named 1, 2, and 3.
  • Sale prices for 3 bed are AED 1.3M


  • Has golf course, parking areas and clubs
  • Is cost efficient and affordable


  • Ideal place to live in.
  • Cheapest areas
  • You Can also get updates on websites.
  • and average is AED 1.5M